RD-07A Vendetta Armor
Dvr vendetta
Product information
  • [Classified]
  • Combat Armor
  • Field Armor

7.6 million Credits

Technical information
  • Helmet: 25 lbs
  • Jacket: 70 lbs
  • Bracers: 1 lbs
  • Gloves: 1 lbs
  • Belt: 4 LBS
  • Leggings: 7 lbs
  • Boots: 4 lbs
Set pieces
  • RD-07A Vendetta Helmet
  • RD-07A Vendetta Jacket
  • RD-07A Vendetta Belt
  • RD-07A Vendetta Leggings
  • RD-07A Vendetta Boots
  • RD-07A Vendetta Bracers/Gloves
  • RD-07A Vendetta Belt
  • Undectable on any sensor.
  • Cannot be seen on Camera as well as user.
  • Gives off electromagnetic wave to knock out any person within 15 meters.
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable.
Historical information
Known users
First seen
  • 2709 NET(UGI Time)
  • 2504 (IFP Time)

RD-07A Vendetta Armor is the armoring used by the UGI Intelligence's  Cipher Agent.


Designed to be undetectable by anything even NORTECH. It is designed to give off a electromagnetic wave that knocks out any person to be kidnapped. The armor comes in multiple colors to be used, but the most common are grey and black due to the secrecacy of the missions requires a subdued coloring. The armor has also been modified by UGI's top Cybertech's, and has augmented the armor with increased amount of nanites to repair the body, as well as bio-foam that is injected into the body if its injury is critical by filling up the wound. It can be noted that this armor remains highly classified and any cybertech working on this armor is sworn to complete secrecy of the armor, mainly by making them work in a workshop under guard as they do not want the enemy getting their hands on it.


Designed by an unknown organization for the UGI Intelligence Cipher Agents they designed it to be not only aesthetically pleasing but as well as functional. It is one of the greatest armors to ever come out of Division 11 due to its many facets.

It was thought to be one of the greatest creations due to it was able to go undectable by any sensor in the galaxy. It gave off no electronic signals or even be able to be detected by Techon due to its unusual materials used. It was built with Plasteel, Duranium, Neutronium, and Platinum which those in combonation block sensors making it appear no one is there. Security cameras couldn't see the person in the armor. All Cipher Agents once they become one are given the armor as not only a "gift" but as well as a symbol that thier missions will only get harder. 


The armor requires multiple pieces to be a full RD-07A Vendetta Armor.

Intresting FactsEdit

  • It is designed by Division 11.
  • Techon can't detect the armor due to its materials built, as it gives off no signals and its materials used block scans and appears to the scanner no one is there.
  • The armor makes the user invisible to cameras and electronic reticles.
  • It is extremely lightwieght only 70 pounds, but the armor will detonate once the Cipher is dead.

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