Pyro's Avatar

Pyro is the Main Computer aboard the Firestorm. 

"(laughter) Anyone care for a starburst?" Just before destorying a star an enemy fleet was orbiting.

" (Singing) O i just would love to set the world on, Fire!, and let all people burn with crisp delight! (laughter)!" Destruction of Bajor.

"Ozone, No Zone!" Destruction of Quon'os. 


Pyro being a make after the Techon System is male. The computer however is nothing like the Techon System as it can is considered to be the most socipathic Operating system in the Galaxy. The operating system is often used with its Intelligence deactivated. As with it on it has been the cause of more destruction than Rathal or even Erex Malren have caused in their lifetimes. 

It is mercieless, Logical and Extremely volitile, often showing signs of mental instability. The Pyro System was designed by Rathal before many of his implants were removed. This personailty later showed up in the computer system especially when it was given the baility to rewrite and write its own code. 

In the event of Rathal going under one his rampages The Pyro system is the first to take over to which Sarci is always next to deactivated it. The Pyro system has zero regard for life and enjoys killing for the fun of it. The central point of this computer is a massive postitronic brain at the heart of the ship. The brain has many attributes similar to Lore's and at times even behaves like him. 

Rathal at one point tolerated the program but later hated it and refused to activate it at any time. 

Sarci hated it from the begining and often sabotages it. ( much to Erex's and Rathal's Amusement)

Korra never met the system itself but did witness it in control of The Firestorm, "It was as if somone had put a pyromaniaic in charge of a Thermo Nuclear Device and expected him to ignore it." 

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