Project Vira is a Eugenics program created by the UGI's Intelligence Agency to create a soldier that not only was more than capable of infilitrating anything but to also stay within parameters of the mission. However this Project was given a name of Vira to throw people off when they were going into the recruitment centers. They spliced DNA of people around the galaxy with those of the strongest strains.

Characteristics Edit

The Project would take random people who would go to recruitment offices and take blood samples of them, if their blood sample had strong DNA strands they would use the subjects DNA. They took the DNA samples of nearly 4500 people and spliced them together but when this proved ineffective they went to Taiidan's and spliced together the DNA samples of nearly 41 UGI Intelligence officers, and analyst and splice them together to create the Subjects. 

Although the subjects are at a full grown state once they are grown, they however have bio-cybernetics that do not show up as technology but as organs and tissues. They also had the intelligence of a UGI Watcher, the skills of a Cipher, and and the reflexes of the Infiltrators. They were found to have a lifespan not of a Taiidan but whatever form they were given's species. If they were given a form of a Klingon they would live as long as Klingon. However they were only given the forms before their next mission.

Due to the projects secrecy and violations of human rights they kept this project away from IFP and then their successor. The mission to ensure their test subjects was to be completed they were all brainwashed and programmed to respond to one word. However this is also the most intresting part they have all the freedom they required to complete the mission, but when not on a mission they didn't have much freedom and many could mistake the Project members for liberated Borg Drones.

Controversy Edit

When the IFP discovered the project they requested that UGI cease and desist, but the problems arose when the UGI denied the IFP's request and tension started to grow. Only days after the program was discovered the installation was destroyed, UGI INTEL made it appear as they destroyed all of the Project and its occupants to show they ceased and desisted but they continued the project on the one world that the IFP couldn't request the cease and desist order; Taiidan. There were several other controversies with the program after its discovery.

  • The denial of freedom of its test subjects, subjecting them to brainwashing and programming, as well as an entire books worth of breaches of human rights.
  • They illegally took DNA of people to create a soldier, without consent of the IFP.
  • They hid the program in such a way that after the bases discovery and destruction; Division 11 PROTEUS Initiative took over the project.

Known membersEdit

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