After being given the Grey Kalminite from the Firestorm the UGI put scientist to work to see if there was a possibility to use this Kaliminite they were shaping the crystal but doing so they found the exact frequency that the Grey Kaliminite Ossulates at. By doing this they began to expirement with this technology and discovered they could crack Kaliminite by the ossulations that was created. They began to equip Cruisers with the Tetriac device that could crack the Kaliminte by giving off a frequency and was soon discovered that it may be possible to stop the Night Shifters created by AULTECH but was never tested as they never got a live one. There was one drawback to the device it could crack the Kaliminite within 400 kilometers but all the Kaliminite would crack in the area including crystals using to power substances. This project was secret and no one knew about the project except Division 11 operatives being placed on each UGI Vessel. It was never discussed and it appeared to be a console that only one man knew how to operate, and this console was also hidden. This project also didn't come into fruitation till near the end of the Corporate war when the UGI was brought into it.

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