The Proticon imprisoned and tortured for almost 3000 years.

Project Darco was the first substantial evidence regarding to Area X and the Black Circle. Taiidan warships detected a powerful Scalar Emission coming from a distance planets surface. Landing their and killing off a couple of secuirty drones and scientists, they were able to locate the source of the Scalar emissions. It was something no one had seen before, a Proticon. 

Examining the ProticonEdit

The Proticon as Micheal Trillion was allowed to observe is physically a beast of unknown orgin but genetically is half coragadun, half progenitor. The beast seemed to be wary of the Taiidans when they came near but seemed almost placid toward Micheal Trillion. Further analyises led to more important discovery revealing that the organization that had been running this organization had technology nearly 120,000 years beyond what the Taiidans possessed. Or at least at this facility as some evidence suggested this was a minor operation due to the lack of guards and scientists. 

Before the Taiidans sent this Specimen to Division 11 for interogation the Creature forcibly picked up Micheal Trillion Psychically and spoke to his mind before dropping him back down. Micheal Trillion later wrote in a journal about the experience. 

What did it mean we are not so different, why did it look at me as if was similar to it? ~Micheal Trillion


Shortly after the beast was removed from the facility the facility began to rapidly detoriate and exploded. Taiidan forces and Micheal Trillion were able to escape in time of the explosion which destroyed the facility and the planet. They were able to get away with some of the documents. It turns out that the documents were not computer data but literally archaic paper documents, which made hacking impossible. 

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