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Capricorns Devastation Troops where know to be the last word in wide spread Annihilation tactics.

Project Capricorn is code name by the Jekvin Coalition as the device that made all players in the war quiver with fear. In actual reality this device was added to the firestorm because of its size requirment. the Device which made retreat no longer an option but a suicide attempt. Fear would reign supreme whenever The Firestorm went to battle. 

What is Capricorn?Edit

Project Capricorn was a wide assortment of projects which broke every moral code of warfare to some points that even certain UGI thought went to far in immoral codes of warfare. The actual focus of the project would be the ultimate override system of Intial Dampeners and Targeting Systems, as well as Life Support Systems. 

Capricorn OriginsEdit

The project was created by a highly organized group known as Zodiac. Its founder was well aversed in the ancient Earths ideas about the Zodiac and astrology and came up with a series of projects which prove to be among the most influential and infamous the galaxy would ever know. Almost every dark project as some connection to this powerful Organization. While not listed as terrorists they definitly will supply their knowledge and project completions to anyone willing to pay for their research. 

The DeviceEdit

The devices listed under Project Capricorn are among the following.


The CIDD is Capricorns Intial Dampener Distrupter. Any Ship or fleet of ships intending to go to Warp will find the Acceleration the last experience they will ever know. It was designed to make the enemy realize their only hope of suriving the battle was by surrender. This effect was widespread and could also target friendly vessels as well as enemy ones in an effort to keep disloyal allies from leaving the battle in a cowardly manner. 


Capricorns Targeting System Chaos Matrix is an insidious device designed to make the targeting systems of enemy vessels go completely insane. Every shot fired and you would have no idea whether this weapon would hit the ship, your ship or even your allies ships. It was used to dirail the crews moral forcing them to want to surrender quicker. 


Capricorns life support systems kill switch was another insidious device that drained energy from the life support systems of enemy ships. If the enemy damaged an allied ship a portion of their air supply might become toxic, if they destroyed a ship the life support systems could create delochride gas which would dissolve the flesh from the crews very bodies and if they were winning the life support system would explode and create an instanous mass depression all across the ship. 

The list has only begun... many more horrors await. 

"Captain Erex, welcome to Project Capricorn where we make the horrors of war look like visions of paradise compared to what we do here." Dr. Z.O. Diac. 

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