Nearly 40 years to the date of Project Blight's dissolve, the once paradise Planet Asecoth was destroyed and made so toxic that only Razureth and Gar'lo in heavy anti biological, and Radiological suits were able to walk on its surface without suffering from the planet's toxicity.

Project Blight is a secret project developed by three unoffically existing organizations who orginate from the UGI, Uranians, and the Immoruti Imperium. The Project was designed to create a weapon which would slowly destory an entire planet. Upon the complete loss of all life and enemies on the planet the The weapon would then work in reverse restoring all life save the sentient life and the enemies. 

Creation of the ProjectEdit

The design of the project was very simialr to some of the plans made by Section 31. The plan was to construct a weapon which would kill all life on a planet off while making it seem as if the planet was just naturally wasting away. This would then allow people to lay claim to a world that recently became dead. Then purchase the planet and reverse the process in record time. It would become another way to conquer worlds without having to fire a shot. 


Shortly following the creation of the first 5 warheads three things happened. First, Aurec was successful in capturing 2 of the warheads. Secondly, the UGI group elminated the Uranians group and the Imperiums. Third the UGI group hid these weapons unbeknownst to the Division 11, at a wharehouse on the array orbiting an Avanii's black hole. Fourth, the remaining warhead vanished. Ten years later the planet of New Taiidan began to experience the first stages of planetary degrading. Luckily with the return of Sarci Nevron from the long voyage, Sarci was able to help the UGI scientists figure out the cause to the Planetary Degrading and then assist it activating the reverse mode of the warhead. Unfortuantely, when they had finished all knowledge of the way to reverse the process was lost in a still unexplained explosion at the laboratory. 

Meanwhile, Sarci decided to make his home on New Taiidan with permission of the Government and help to repeal the old law he created years ago about killing because of touching the tail. Which of course having reformed during the voyage he had lost all previous implants the UGI had given his orginal body. 

See: House of Nevron for details on Sarci's residence. 

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