The Progenitors are a powerful race of beings that created not only the Taiidans but as well as the Taiidan's main enemy the Manti.

They were once Coragdun's, but left after a schism and in turn were at war with them. They however did not turn into the Plasmoid beings that the Coragduns do, instead they live normal lives and create species and worlds. They mastered bio-engineering but were not perfect, when they tested on creating life that could survive in the vacuum of space the Manti were created and began to attack the galaxy consuming the worlds. The Progenitors created the Taiidan's to fight them by creating supersoldiers.

AL Reality Edit

In the alternate Reality the Progenitor's history is less well known and more mysterious. While Nigrash mentions that the similarities between the Coragadun and the Progenitors is extremely similar, he is reluctant to reveal any further information on whom or what the Coragadun were.

The Progentiors are the creators of the Taiidan race as well as their enemies the Manti. To the misfortune of the progenitors one of their last creations was not originally their creation at all, rather it was a freak anomaly species in evolution that they tampered and toyed with, recreating them to be the reserve annihilators of all existence should the Coragadun, or Progentiors cease to exist. However, because of the presence of anomalies and the ingrained hatred of all life, including themselves this species (The Rakshi) ended up slaying their creators. In a single moment they killed more than half of the Progenitors at once. Taking their technology they systematically hunted down and slaughtered all the Progenitors in the universe prior to the arrival of the Taiidan's and Nigrash.

Until that point they had been preparing for an assault of the Coragadun, when suddenly the Coragadun mysteriously disappeared, without purpose for the moment, the Rakshi slept for nearly a thousand years, while their machinery delivered them to other worlds and multiplied their number.

When Jordan's pod was sent to earth it reawakened them, and they began again their goals to destroy everything.

The Progentiors in this reality were known for creating warlike races and military specialists, however they are also responsible for creating a race of Omnicidal, Nihilistic, Universe Reaping, Psychospecies whose main goal is bring about the absolute destruction of all existence, and assimilate all technology required to achieve this goal and learn at a fantastic rate.

If their is to be a final peace at the end of this reality, their annihilation will have to be a must.