The Plasmoid

The Plasmoid state is the highest possible evoultion of life in all the cosmos. In this state life is able to create life from lifelessness with thoughts or just speaking it into existance. No longer having to abide by the laws of physics of any reality. The plasmoid state is the equivilant of unparrelled godhood and is represented as something unable to not accept. 

The CoragdunEdit

The Coragdun are supposedly the only known species to be able to ascend into this state of being. of all the races the Coragdun are the most worthy as they have been around far longer than any recorded history and consider creating life the greatest gift of all. 

Only one known Coragdun is a present evil in their society and he is already a plasmoid. That Plasmoid is Zenos. A plasmoid has never been observed by any known society other than the Coragdun's and the Progenitors. 

The ProgenitorsEdit

The Progenitors are not able to become plasmoids as they didn't evolve into this state nor did they want to. They chose a life of seeding the galaxy and creating new species. During the Great Schism they Progenitors refused to evolve and the rest of their species saw them only as children as they were only 250 years of age when they rebelled. Had they evolved the Taiidan race wouldn't have been created. During such a time the galaxy was in a flux of war.

The Progenitors are in no way bad, just had a different point of view of life and wanted to explore the galaxy and not evolve. 

AL Reality Edit

In the Alternate Reality the state of Plasmoid has never been reached by the Coragadun, nor the Progentiors, however Jordan is showing potential at the rate his abilities are increasing to be possibly the first to reach this state.