With planetary weapons that are this size and to be considered a threat this weapon fires a burst of Photon particles at the enemy ship and can literally cause shielding to fail. Starfleet shielding by default have one major problem photon torpedoes can actually pierce the shields and this fires pure photons at a frequency of 750 gH that can cause Starfleet shielding to fail within a single shot. Each shot is the total power of 750 gH. However these turrets cannot be harmed as easily as they have shielding but it is minor.


Imagine having a weapon that separates the photons in a object and tears it apart that is what a Photon Turret Installation does. When a ship is shielded this vessel can easily take down ships from the Starfleet era. During the Sorghelli War these were seen around cities more and more but as they began to power up they could easily over come most ships that came into destroy the UGI cities. It fired a single blast of Pure Photon Energy that destroyed a Sorghelli Cruiser as when a Photon Turret is charged beyond its holding capacity the the turret must have an escape and it fires the blast and doing so vaporized the Sorghelli ship while shielded.

The UGI has since built nearly 8 of these per city in the UGI's domain.