PPT-2 Combat Pistol
Product information



Combat Pistol

Technical information
Ammo type

High Impact Plasma VASOF

Max. Ammo

100 rounds

Magazine size

300 Rounds

Weapon Action

Semi Automatic; Manual


10 meters

The PPT-2 Combat Pistol is a weapon to behold and is one of the few UGI weapons that is used by both the military and has Civilian version. This weapon to MILSPEC is weapon that literally burns holes into people.


Its design is quite classic in its artistry yet with such retro styling it is a weapon that has been released to the public and is issued to each civilian household for protection usage.

Safety FeaturesEdit

This weapon was the epitomy of UGI ingeniutiy in how to make a weapon that they could release to the public for usage. Each weapon was DNA Coded to the head of the household preventing anyone other than the mother or the father from using it. The weapon cannot be fired under any circumstances to anyone that is encoded into the pistol preventing you from killing a member of the family. It is also encoded to prevent them from using it against UGI military personnel provided they are in combat gear.


Designed to be used by the UGI military and the civilian populace this made it a contrevorsial move on the UGI's part as never before has the UGI handed each civilian household a Military grade pistol for protection and provide them ammo; and make ammo readily available. This was due to the Nephalim war for protection. With several security features installed in them.

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