PHALANX-IV Combat Shotgun
Phanlanx Combat Shotgun
Product information

Taiidan Arms


Heavy Shotgun

Technical information
Ammo type

High Impact Slugs

Max. Ammo


Magazine size



12 meters

The UGI doesn't have a more hardhitting and devastating weapon up close than the PHALANX-IV Combat Shotgun. Why is that? It is designed to pierce heavy armoring and knock their enemies on the ground.


Known for its Orange secondary coloring as well as its devastatingly powerful slugs that can knock anyone on the ground. Designed solely for elimination of Taiidan rogues, meaning if it kills a Taiidan there isn't anything it cannot kill. Its high impact plasma is a specialized plasma formula designed to explode at temptures of 5000 degrees causing the gun to fire a bolt of plasma nearly 3500 m/s if it doesn't kill you it will tear off parts of the body as well as cartorize the wound.


Designed by an unknown Taiidan Weapons engineer what is known is that not only did it garner fame during its testing stages by knocking down a Black Codex Super soldier onto the ground as he laid there for 45 minutes paralyzed before his nanites were able to repair the extensive damage recieved, the Black Codex soldier almost died from the impact as being as heavy as 7000 pounds this soldier that survived had to be discharged as it caused several malfunctions in his suit and nanites. The Taiidan Arms had to make it less powerful so that it wouldn't affect Black Codex Soldiers but it was still able to knock them down to the ground for several minutes. This makes this weapon one of the most powerful guns ever concieved by Taiidan Arms manufacturers.

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