Operation Sandoval
Operation Sandoval

United Rebel Corps take over UGI colony of Sandoval


July 31st 2605


Sandoval Colony


UGI liberation


UGI Marine Corps

United Rebel Corps


Commander Malos


  • 1500 UGI Marines
  • 50 UGI Bastion Tanks
  • 4500 URC Fighters
  • 450 UGI Marines
  • 15 UGI Bastion Tanks
  • 4400 URC Fighters
  • 100 URC Prisoners

Operation Sandoval is a military Operation conducted by the United Galactic Inititiave Marine Corps in efforts to retake the UGI Colony of Sandoval in which the Fort Barriss was nearby but its secrecy was kept and they alerted the UGI of the URC take over.


UGI Marines

UGI Marines on Sandoval

The UGI Marines after taking the beach began to assault the desert colony that the URC has taken over. Depicted is Fireteam Delta in which they took to the URC first hand and suffered great losses in their company. During the mission the UGI pushed on the beach during a water assault to suprise the URC it was the equivilent of Earth History of D-Day. The UGI came out of the water and took the beaches in under an hour losing good men. During the push past the beach once they entered the city they were taking shots from the URC Fighters. These rebels were fed up with the UGI for uknown reasons.
URC Fighter

URC Fighter inside of a building

The  URC Fighters fought relentlessly for nearly 15 days during the military takeover. These militants were not very well trained as their numbers dropped drastically over the course of the operation. Many where not trained to operate weaponry and the result was many of them injured themselves but the UGI Marines took no prisoners and ended their threat. During the Urban war the URC took to buildings and took captives while the UGI took them and tore them to pieces with their superior firepower. Even though the UGI was outnumbered it proved superior training was going to trump superior numbers. Only 400 UGI Marines lost their lives during Operation Sandoval as opposed to the 4400 URC fighters. 

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