Vendetta Omega Cloning Institute

One of many Cloning Chambers in the Vendatta Omega ISE Cloning Institute

Operation Blackhook

Search rescue and eliminate mission




Vendetta Omega/ ISE Cloning Institute


Mission accomplished


Galactic Council Forces

  • Squad of Black Codex 2
  • Squad of Imperium Supreme Elite (ISE)

15 unarmoured/ armed Imperium Supreme Elite Defects

  • ISE Squad Leader
  • Black Codex 2 Squad Leader
  • ISE Defected Squad Leader
  • 16 ISE Troops
  • 5 Black Codex 2 Troops

16 ISE Defected Troops

  • 12 ISE Troops
  • 1 Black Codex 2 Troops

All Defects Eliminated

Mission OverviewEdit

Several recently created ISE troops have gone Berserk at the Vendatta ISE Cloning Institute. Two teams of Black Codex II and ISE Squads will be deployed on the surface of Planet Vendetta Omega. Your Mission goals are as followed. 

  • Rescue the scientists held captive.
  • Elminate all 15 ISE rogues.
  • Elminate Rogue ISE Squad captain.

The ISE rogues are of a new Batch and do not have their armour, but this should amke them no less dangerous even more so as a gentic defect has rendered them of independent thought rather than obey orders from their squadron leader. They should be considered Kill on sights but make sure the scientist survive. 

Minimize the damage you do to the facility as some areas hold mutigenic compounds which can effect virtuially any form of living matter. The Squad leader is female and she will try to seduce your troops before killing them make sure she does not get the chance. 

Mission storyline Edit

The two squadrons moved in to the facility with the Black Codex II soldiers moving in one of the Codex soldiers walked into a room to check for any signs of enemies and when he did he was somehow killed its unknown how his body after the mission didn't leave any traces some think a poison but it would be unusual. 

As they entered the main room a fragmentation grenade was tossed leaving it would be a 20 minute battle as both the UGI soldiers and the Imperium soldiers entered in a two prong attack only having two entrances they ended up attacking each other as the Black Codex soldiers had HRV and couldn't determine Imperium or not it would later be found out that the HRV was beginning to malfunction on their armors. In the cross fire the bulk of the targets forces were killed except the squad leader. They swept the rest of the base and took her out only after she tried to seduce some of the Imperium Elites unsuccessfully once she realized that most of the Black Codex soldiers were not able to be seduced due to the augmentation most of them have been castrated and parts of their brains removed for this area. 

Mission Summary Edit

The Mission was a partial succes, allied troops were able to rescue 6 of the seven Scientists. The har one victory brought the Black Codex II and the ISE closer together as battlefield comrads. 

Only four Black Codex and four ISE survived the mission. They would go onto being part of a Unique Covert ops Squadron for the Galactic Council in years to come. (possible friendship)