For anyone who wants to start writing about there characters and Species please read the following.


There are some Pages on this wiki that have species that already break and or bend some of the following rules. We will ignore the fact that they currently exist and bend these rules. However all new races and charecters must obey the following rules.

Regarding FantasyEdit

Fanatsy as in regard to the unexplained, or reference to magic will not be tolerated. Dragons for example are tolerate but the fire Breath is a No! If using fantismal charcters they must be explained Scientfically. 


The physiology of your Species needs to contain the Following: (this physiology only follows evolved species. Created species can disobey the rules to a certain extent. Coragaduns and Progenitors, Arkani, Gar'lo, Taiidans, Razureth, Reapers, Avanni, and Ancients of the Old, are extempt from these rules because of their importance to the RP.

Environment effects Physiology:Edit

Gigantic Planets: Edit

Life on Gigantic Planets will be very small due to high gravity unless the Planet is mostly atmosphere in size. Then the species will need some form of body capable of withstanding the crushing Atmosphere. (planets may not be over 30,000 miles in diameter)

Large Planets: Species will be shorter than those on worlds that have less gravity.Edit

Medium Planets: Species will be earth like in size or close.Edit

Small Planets: Species will be taller than those of earth due to less gravity.Edit

Micro Planets: Species will be able to change to meet their environment. As micro planets could be incredibly dense or they could be incredibly low in gravity. Edit

Blood Form:Edit

There are 3 forms of blood form:

Cold Blooded: a species body temperature rises and falls due to its environment. Much like reptiles and amphibians.

Warm Blooded: A species body temperature remains at a constant state. Any higher or lower indicates illness.

Hot Blooded: A species Body Temperature effects its environment. If the species body temperature is over 1000 degrees then it environment whether in close proximity or in a large radius is affected by them. The same if the body temperature is below zero. 


When regarding Atomsphere that is breatheable:

The following are breathable options:

Noble Gases

Fictional Gases


Vacuum: They will need to still breathe a common gas. More simply they can survive for periods of time with no air.


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