Omega Trooper

The Omega squadron lives by a single value, "Ruthlessness is its own Reward." The Omega squadron is just that and more. They are considered the bleeding edge of last resorts.

Development Edit

After years of research, into black codex projects, reverse engineering of Night-Shifters, and work into reaper technology, along with classified black market purchases from the Jin'Huan Ash marketeers, the Omega Squadron is the forefront most lethal, and most deadly ground force in the Taiidan/UGI arsenal.

Using mixed technologies to breed disturbingly nightmarish versions of Taiidans to be used to be outfitted with massive combat exo-suits of armor, capable of enhancing their strengths by exponential of forty or more, the Omega squadron is equipped enough to have earned the phrase of, "One planet, one Omega Squadron Soldier."

Incredibly intelligent, and incredible agile, fast, and strong, with skin resistant to both plasma, kinetic shells, and extreme heat. The Omega Squadron has earned itself the nickname of the fighting dead. In one training mission which resulted in all the soft tissue of one trooper being burned away, the soldier was still alive even when reduced to a walking Derexium skeleton which continued to fight with equal brutal affect.

The new alloy used in replacement of Derexium is an alloy composed of a Jin'Huan metal that radiates a radiation which can keep beings alive whether or not they are composed of any living matter any more, Forged as their skeleton, this has made them the almost the Un-dead legion.

Deployment Edit

While their missions are the best kept secrets they have been seen in combat before where single handily one of them took out entire Saris operation both on the ground and in space before being hurled into the nearby sun with a guidance failed Saris ship. The Omega Trooper survived to fight another day despite losing all flesh it had.

When not in action, these troops are de-shelled of their armor and rest in stasis until deployment.

They are well known for being able to use just about any and all weapons they come across, and have inside of their bodies special nanites that will override other Taiidan weapons, or take over non Taiidan weapons and make them their own. These nanites can also copy a weapons schematics and add them to their host as a weapon built into their bodies.

They most recently are used to take out Saris agents and are frequently seen doing so, they have no qualms about killing women or children, or the elderly, and will do so if any stand in their way.

They are widely feared by many tactical groups in both the UGI and the Taiidans.

The only reason why Captain Knight has not been eliminated by this things is because his skeletal alloy is superior to theirs and prevents them from doing any serious damage to him. As Knight thinks them to be a menace waiting to happen.

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