"What is that? Thats not even human nor Taiidan, he's huge and I bet this goes against UFP laws."
―Senator Gollar from Earth to President Be'lo
Biographical information







1700 LBS

Cybernetic Implant(s)
  • Black Codex Augmentation


Armor set

Unknown Armor

Military Information

Petty officer

Military ID


Security Clearance


Nox-B354 is a Black Codex soldier but he is far different from his counterparts, he wears the heaviest armor in the Black Codex program as he is tasked with protecting the President of the UGI.


Utterly fearless, this soldier as well as all Black Codex soldiers had the part of their brain affiliated with fear removed. He has been known to be a jokester and is extremely funny. The President of the UGI at the time of his commeration was Be'lo and told Nox-B354 that he needs to smile more if he is going to follow him around. And so Nox learned to be funny, at first it was crude jokes but he has learned clean jokes to say around Be'lo's daughters.


Nox-B354 armored
Created by the Black Codex project this soldier was created to combat the enemy at any turn, but soon became affiliated with the President when he was told to protect the President of the UGI. Although he was seen publicly no one knew what he was.

He became the face of the super soldier program when an assassination attempt on Be'lo Nox became feared as he pulled out his rifle and started shooting at people with rifles, and he single handedly took on 30 AUREC terrorist. He was seen as a possible threat due to his sheer size and his fearlessness, and even put most of the UFP at the sight of him. But the only person who truly didn't fear him would have to be Rathuras Rathal, but even Rathal was weary of him. His ability to fight was unaparrelled, and he was described as a "Vanguard" which is why he had heavy armor, as he drew the attention of his enemies away from their target. He had on his wrist a Harpoon line, which he would use to pull his enemies close to him and he hit them with his gun most species would die instantly from the hit due to blunt force trauma.

One of his biggest claims to fame was when he was in the field he was fighting his way through a battlefield during the UGI-Helghan War and he fought the Helghan Shock Troopers and held the line. Afterwhich he was deemed a hero but due to being Black Codex he wasn't allowed to be given awards.

Interesting factsEdit

  • His sheer size and weight is enough to make most people uneasy.
  • He for a Black Codex has a sense of humor.
  • He has protected the UGI President as his personal bodyguard. Be'los used him as a hitman as well, taking out enemies of the UGI.
  • His armor is the heaviest of all of the Black Codex soldiers, weighing in at a hefty 1200 LBS.
  • His weapon is unknown what model it is.
  • He wears blue as it attracts enemy fire and they can see him better.
  • He has CRYPTLEVEL security clearance.

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