In the course of UGI history, nobility has been present throughout the ages. The Taidian empire is one such notable group, maintaining three noble houses. Combined with the UGI this made a grand total of twelve noble houses, three of each tied to main founders of the UGI. With one exception. The 13th house considered to be the oldest in their history is the House of Tech.

Taiidan Houses Edit

House Tjuis Edit

House Tjuis
House Tjuis is one of the most violent houses ever seen in the Taiidan nobility structure. These were more and more like Warlords and tyrants than they were nobles. They in history were some of the Taiidan Butchers that destroyed vast regions of space in terms of conquest.  They were nicknamed the House of Devils.

Notable members of this house are Erex Malren. He was born an Emperor belonging to the House Tjuis which means Tyrant in Taiidan language. His Taiidan name was Dev'err Tjuis Norlianka. 

House Devriksno Edit

House of Kings Banner
House Devriksno is a political House very affluential with politics and were the Taiidans diplomats and ambassadors, which many species were even surprised the Taiidans had sensible people. They were well known to throw extravagant parties and gallas for all to attend to, in which they would easily swindle people into supporting them over the House Tjuis which has always held the Taiidan Emperors. This was historically the smallest house and least powerful in which they were never fully taken seriously unless there was a treaty in the making they were called upon to write treaties that would further the Taiidan regime and agenda before all others. Members of this House were historically to be the pompous and arrogant ones. Nicknamed the House of Kings.

Notable members: Ambassador Knilik.

House Vol Edit

House Vol

House Vol is one of the four Taiidan Houses and this one may not be the most feared but its the most unkown of the Houses for many reasons. They were the ones that created the Taiidan Infilitrators. They became known as the Taiidans Intelligence House. They trained Infiltrators to take over the Tey'talians and in doing so they became a thing of the past it was widely believed they were disbanded but they were far from it. Division 11 members hold ties to House Vol. Nickname House of Winter.

House of Tech Edit

The House of Tech is the oldest in the Novan Galaxy and the Wealthiest. Since the creation of the Taiidans in the Novan Galaxy the House of Tech was already the wealthiest family in the galaxy. They were the first to transfer money to the support of the Taiidan Empire, and later they were the first to fun the creation of the UGI. Their family is considered loyal beyond words. The very concept of a Tech being Anti UGI is an unforgivable offense.

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