Nigrash in armor
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Nigrash is the supposed god of the Taiidan race. He is a Progenitor who has embodied himself in armor and has used his advanced abilities to make others believe him to be a god. He is one of the few progenitors to become a plasmoid form. 

Creation of NigrashEdit

Nigrash is actually the creator of the Taiidans and see's them as his children, but his unintentional usage of his advanced powers made them believe he to be a god. Nigrash though isn't a normal name for a Progenitor in fact it isn't in the language. It is in the language of the Taiidan's though it is a dialect and a derivitive of the Progenitor language. Nigrash means demon god, as he gave the Taiidans a second vocal chord that sounds evil when they are angered and he made a mask that made his voice sound even more evil. He is one of the few "evil" progenitors but his evilness has been countered by his caring for his children and.

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