New Taiidan
New Taiidan
Astrographical information
Star Position

Galaxy Omega, Exer Nexus, Hanthonian Region.

  • Orli
  • Trogain
  • Nortir

30,000 miles

Day Length

75 hours

Year Length

500 days

Surface temperature

-80 degrees Celsius


Remainder of the Taiidan Population

Notable Facts
  • Location of Division 9
  • Taiidans new Homeworld
  • Taiidans
The homeworld of the Taiidans after their homeworld was ravaged during the Sorghelli war, as well as most of the population was destroyed. During the Sorghelli war 97% of the UGI military and 98% of the Taiidan Population was eradicated within 30,000 taiidans survived. Though the Coraguduns were surprised at the Taiidans high birth rate that soon was learned of.


New Taiidan terrain
New Taiidan is an ice world and is extremly cold, with tempatures plummenting to negative -120 degrees on a cold day and on a hot day it reaches -10 degrees. The population has learned and adapted to survive the torterous cold. Even the nanites have adapted to keep the Taiidan people warm. The planets glacial geography is described to as desolate, and cold. 


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