The Nephalim is an alien species taht predates all life in the Pegasus galaxy. Known as the founders they hid from the galaxy when the UGI landed on the planet of the founders they awoke and swarmed like locust. They were known to be hunters of renown. The Nephalim is the only enemy the UGI has ever fought and surrendered to.


The Nephalim is a species that is a techno-organic origin like Taiidans but they did this to themselves once they lost the ability to propagate instead they clone themselves and live in hives under neath the planets surface. Their biggest advantage was that their lighter bodies were much stronger than the Taiidan frame but that didn't stop the Taiidans from fighting them. They were known to move at speeds of 50 miles plus and could rip apart a Black Codex II soldier apart however their culture prevents them from being named only Nephalim is the only name each has.


The Founders of the Pegasus or Nephalim is thought to be of ancient origin so  old that it predates even the Corugadun but this was found false. In fact no one knows how old this species truly is but they were birthed from the mires of Nephal their world. They were at one point the conquerers of the Regus corner of the galaxy that controlled 100 galaxies. Their technology is superior to the UGI but choose a traditional path.

Time of SorrowEdit

The Time of Sorrow is when they went to sleep until they were awoken by the UGI. The Sorrow of not knowing if they would be awoken when they were all set on conquering the Regus corner again and reclaim their birthright.

UGI - Nephalim WarEdit

The UGI set a squadron of soldiers on the planet Nephal to check out some readings and came upon the ruins. Once they entered the ruins they notice all the technology was awaking and a Nephalim Sentinel awoke.

For 5 months the Nephalim war raged on and the UGI had no choice but to surrender to the Nephalim otherwise the Nephalim were going to raze every world in the Pegasus. They surrendered unconditionally and the Nephalim allowed the conquered UGI to remain while they took species as slaves. 

Intresting FactsEdit

  • A Nephalim is strong enough to rip apart a Black Codex II Soldier without a struggle.
  • They are much faster than a Taiidan; superior to the taiidans in every form.
  • All Nephalim have the same name Nephalim.
  • They cannot be cloned by anything but their own. As well as they cannot be controlled.
  • THeir culture is a mystery and is impossible to read their language as they have no written language making it impossible.
  • THey can hear a few words of a language and sythensize it to their own.
  • They swarm like locust in exosuits.
  • THe Nephalim Sentinel is even larger than a normal Nephalim.

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