Nat Clive

"Nat Clive served almost 15 years of his life for the Imperium but never once did he think of himself any more special than anyone else and would go out of his way to help others succeed. He will be sorely missed by us all." Erex Tech

Nat Clive was an engineer aboard the Star Dreadought Eraxius. 

Early HistoryEdit

Born in the year of 2757, on the planet Hueri in Imperium Space, Nat Clive was born two a Human and a Romulan. 

When he was just three years old he knew how to design a faster than warp 50 engine. He attended the Imperius University of Science when he was just 12 years old becoming the youngest person to have done so yet. He excelled in his classes and made friends with Erex Tech during one of the few times he had returned to the Imperium Palace. 

By the time he was 20 he was serving on a the Eraxius thanks to a reccomendation from Erex Tech. It was Erex's Intention that after Nat served three years he would serve as his cheif engineer on The Rex. 

That Fateful DayEdit

During his second year serving on the Eraxius, Cypher 2, had stationed himself their as one of the Taiidans they were escorting to Imperious to be rerouted to the Imperium Protcol 9 Ultra Black site. On their way their ship came under heavy fire from a Soregheli Cruiser. While the Eraxius was able to destroy their ship about a hundred sorgheli had transported aboard and both taiidans and men killed them together side by side. But on the bridge where Cypher 2 had been at during the fighting, (he was in disguise), one Soreghelli got on the bridge and almost killed him had it not been for Nat Clive who stepped in front of the enemies gun. The result created a 5 inch hole in his body but he saved Cypher 2's life. This allowed Cypher 2 to dispatch the last sorghelli. As he lay dying he told Cypher 2 (not knowing he was Cypher 2) about his testiomny to his faith, in the imperium religon and how it had changed him, and to why he would take a "bullet" to somone one who doesn't know about their religon. He died with a smile on his face saying, " I can see him, i can see..." 

Cipher 2 ExperienceEdit

Cipher 2 being a UGI agent, his emotions were not present, but he has always honored sacrifices of men and women, but when Nat Clive saved Cipher 2's life, he saw an oppertunity and he took it, but he never understood why he would join the Imperium relgion, as it made no sense to him.

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