NOVSAC is an paramilitary organization that request the UGI be more militant. Few weeks after the Taiidan Militia died to a Contagion terrorist their primary Cipher, Cipher 2 was attacked by one only for the Contagion to raise his weapon, and Cipher vaults over him and snapped his neck. They take former Ciphers and Special Forces and train them even further. NOVSAC has no meaning unless your inside. Not even UGI Intelligences knows what NOVSAC means.

Primary GoalEdit

To create a UGI merged with Imperium to be even more militant. As well as hunt down any threat to the UGI. When the Taiidan  Militia died due to a child seeing him killed by a Contagion they made it their goal to hunt this criminal down only for them to find out it was a terror group. They told UGI Intelligence only for them to be dismissed.

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