NORTECH Industries
NORTECH Industries
Company information
  • Software Company
  • Technology Industries

Nalus Corian


Alo Corian

Vice President(s)

Balion Corian

Chief financial officer

Balion Corian

Annual/Operating budget

60,000,000 UGI credit monthly





Notable facts
  • Known for the best Software in the Novan galaxy.

NORTECH Industries is a skunkworks corporation and a front for the UGI Intelligence secret branch Division 11.


Its history is speckled with uncertainty. It came into existence only days after the creation of the Vessel and UGI main operating System NORTECH. This corporation then began to gain contracts but no one knows why some major corporations took contracts. Rumors that they were threatening the leaders of the corporations but this wasn't the case. UGI was influencing these corporations to use NORTECH but they didn't know Division 11 was behind the corporation.


  • Privately owned vessels using NORTECH products were famed for bejng monitored.
  • A screwup in patch NORTECH Number 34.1b caused ships AI to take on feminine personalities yet the avatar was still male. This was fixed as they were expirementing with feminine programming.
  • NORTECH created a system of data storage that is so compressed that it can store an entire AI in a small data chip. This also allows them to store them in a file format not easily seen and is considered the most secure compression and encryption ever made.
  • The encryption software was tested with ENKI and it failed to decrypt the coded message: Test. This software would be the UGIs encrypting code. ENKI realized it was impossible to decrypt it based on that it was in a nonsensical gibberish as well no pattern to catch. The reasoning for this is that it was in an ancient dialect of Taiidan that had no rhymeborbreason to it. Used by rurals ENKI couldn't even read the dialect due to no refrence tables.

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