Naval Security Command Station
Logistics Dock
Technical information
Station Type
  • UGI Naval Station
  • (10) 10 gJ Shielding Generators
  • (2) Pulse Cannons
  • (150) Light Plasma Cannons
  • (20) Disruptor Cannons
  • (1) Ion Cannon
  • 500 Naval Fighters

15,000 Marines

  • Naval Command Station

The station known as NAVSECCOM is most likely the most well known UGI station in the Carpathian system. It has onboard is 15,000 UGI Marines and enough weapons and plasma cells to start a large scale war. However this station doesn't do the normal refuel/refitting instead this is the entire UGI Naval command station with advanced shielding on it, the UGI deem in impenetrable for a awhile as well as the 3 UGI Dreadnoughts that protect it loaded with fighters.

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