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Nail Gun

The NAR-12w Nailgun was a UGI weapon that was an awesome addition to their armory and soldiers loved them. A weapon that fired at such a high rate of fire it looked like a beam weapon. It had virtually no recoil as it was an energy weapon. What its claim to fame was UGI Marines using this weapon to laydown fire. For a machine gun it hadt a long range.


Designed during the Vahilr Cold war before it became the Pegasus War. It was designed to lay down as much flak as possible to hit the enemy and pin them down to allow the UGI soldiers to advance safely. This being a major issue was the fact that they had to have only the strongest soldiers carry it with enough ammo. Each soldier nicknamed a Nailgunner had to be able to shoot as if a sniper as the Nailgun was that accurate. The soldiers during the Pegasus conflict would later become known for wearing exopacks instead of wearing full face armor. However these weapons cn burn through ammo in a matter of four seconds even with ammo packs with enough plasma for 500 shots.

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