Momument of the Damned

This structure was built by the UGI to immortalize all the Taiidan Warriors who died during the Battle of Crystillia some 100 years after the battle. The Jin'huan were there to see it final completion and its unknown what type of momument was this.


The Momument shows a Holographic image of each and every Taiidan that died during the razing of the city. It shows it in the blue hologram area while rocks float around it. It is ancient Taiidan technology being given new life.


The technology used in is hundreds of thousands of years old but was given the new life to immortalize each Taiidan who sacrificed himself in vengeance name. It also shows the names of every single Taiidan that died in the battles leading up to the Razing of the City. It is a guarded location for good reason as each Taiidan showed an act of defiance against the UGI which is very rare to do so yet they stood up with one voice and destroyed the one structure in the Corporate War that was deemed indestructable.

Jin'huan ResponseEdit

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