Medal of Honor
Award information
Awarding office

Starfleet Command

Known recipients


The Medal of Honor is Starfleets/Interstellar Federation of Planets highest award and honor.

History of the MedalEdit

This medal was awarded to any Starfleet Personnel who showed immense courage in the heart of battle. It was first awarded to Captain Johnathan Archer when he came home a hero from the Xindi war. It has since become a tradition that any starfleet personnel who showed great courage must have gone far beyond the call of duty.

Starfleet Medal of Honor Starfleet Cross Starfleet Purple Heart Starfleet Medical Service Award
Honor Cluster Starfleet Bravery Cluster Starfleet Diplomacy Cluster Starfleet Selfless Service Cluster
Starfleet Legion of Honor Letter of Commendation Distinguished Service Medal T-Pike-MedalofValor
T-LetterofCommendation Meritorious Service Citation Kirk Medal of Gallantry Dedicated Service Citation
T-InnovativeServiceCitation Archer Medal of Peace Cochrane Medal of Discovery

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