Biologial information


Physical information
Average Height

10.6 meters


25000 lbs



Physical distinctions


Notable Facts
  • Can survive in the vacuum of space.
The Manti is one of the creations of the Progenitors. They took a normal insect and they then bio-engineered it to create a species that could survive in the vacuum of space. But something went wrong and it began to become more parasitic than expected and then it used its bio-waste as a weapon. When it became Asexual and started to reproduce they created several types of Manti.


Manti alien
The Manti being bioengineered to be able to survive in space these creatures became a plague on the galaxy the largest scourge to ever be faced. They use their waste that they have built up in their bodies as a weapon that can pierce light shielding and melt armor plating. They can actually go into and out of phase to avoid detection however when the Progenitors created the Taiidans they created them on a world that was so radioactive and a certain radiation that keeps the Manti from going into phase and because of their birthplace they emit soo much radiation just one Taiidan is enough to prevent any manti from going into and out of phase. 

With speeds exceeding 400 m/s they must consume humans or any sentient lifeform to be able to mutate into a much more deadly and destructive species that can easily outrun just about any vessel. A single mutated manti can literally take down a UGI heavy cruiser by itself provided its shields are offline. With the Taiidan's compatability issue when the Manti consume Taiidan's they literally will die from the Toxicity and the acidic nature of the Taiidan's blood. They do possess some intelligence but not enough to be able to tell who is Taiidan and who isn't. This can provide the Taiidan's the distinct advantage. 

The species was actually derived from the Scorpion on Earth from around the time life began to appear on it. This species was taken and was created, and when it went horribly wrong the galaxy became a battleground.

Types of MantiEdit

The Manti began to mutate themselves and convert themselves into several types of beings that provided a way to be able to feed on the most amount of sentient life.

Name Description
Manti Lander Although the most common which is the image depicted above. These are the most likely to feed on the sentient life as they live the shortest amount of time and can only survive for a small amount of time approximatley 10 years which to them is much like a dragonfly's lifespan on Earth which is only 24 hours.
Manti Yellowjacket Although bigger it is also much slower, but it is a long range attack much like a airborne artillery unit. They were created to fight the Taiidan's but also failed as they had to be low to the ground. Once the Taiidan's created starfighters they began to die off. They live 500 years.
Gamma Lander Bigger than normal and much more deadly they also appear to be orange and in nature they are much more aggressive than any other Manti. They are about twice the size of a Manti lander and can take on capital ships.
Mutant This is what happens when a Manti consumes a sentient being they begin to mutate into a deadly fighting bug. They are twice the speed of a Manti lander, and can destroy UGI Cruisers with shielding.
Stingray These large Manti literally will pick up ground vehicles and drop them from high atmosphere they are hard to kill and are about the size of a UGI Recycler.
Dreadnought The largest fighting Manti in existence they are the size of a UGI leviathan that is around 11,000 meters long. These monstrosities are the most deadly in existence. They can act as carriers as well as invasion forces. There is only 5 known Dreadnoughts in existence, as well as one has never been killed. They disappeared when the Taiidan's killed most of the manti and they disappeared from their reality its unknown where they went to.