MK XX Voidwolf Gunship
Voidwolf Gunship
Product information

Carpathian Shipyards LTD/Astia Scientia



Technical information

45 meters


75 meters

  • 10.5 meters(Foils down)
  • 15.5 meters(Foils up)

250,000 LBS

Max Acceleration

80 m/s

Engine Unit(s)
  • Classified
Shield Generator
  • Minor Shielding


  • Decoy VAPFOL Missiles
  • (1) Forward Railgun
  • (2) Pulse Cannons
  • 180,000 LBS of Missiles/Bombs(Max paylod)
Crew requirements
  • 2(Pilot/Gunner)
Skeleton Crew

1 Pilot




2 days

First usage
  • Corporate War
  • Gunship

The first vehicle that both IFP Astis Scientia Shipyards, and Carpathian Shipyards LTD(UGI) came together to build a heavy fighter. While Astis wanted to build a light fighter the UGI wanted to build a heavy gunship. They finally came to terms to build a gunship and allowed the Jekvin Coalition use it.

Design and CharacteristicsEdit

Unusually designed, but extremely dangerous though this ship was slow and not very manueverable, these vessels were extremely hardened, one member of the Jekvin Coalition said its impossible to shoot them down, this was proven false later as a squadron of these were destroyed, they did however have an unusually high payload for thier size and girth thanks to UGI technology it could carry enough bombs and missiles to level large scale cities. Each missile outfitted to these were enough to leave craters 4 meters deep, and only weighed 40 pounds, later discovered to be Division 11 technology that kept the explosive in a "beamed" state until it was dropped making these bombs weight 45,000 pounds.


During the final two years of the Corporate War this ship began to show promise, as well became feared for its amount of weaponry it had onboard. Though the bombs had be loaded by UGI personnel and were never shipped the bombs this meant the MK XX Voidwolf Gunship wasn't used as often as one would think so due to the amount of UGI technology involved in the ship. 

During the Raid of Solis the MK XX Voidwolf Gunship laid waste to an unknowing camp of Scythruk, and in the blast zone were UGI Special Forces about to raid the base, 45 UGI Special Forces soldiers were killed in the attack. When the Jekvin Coalition found out about the soldiers they apologized for not knowing but they were not allowed to know the Special Forces were in the area, as they did obtain their objective and before they died they use SATBEAMCOM to beam aboard all of their data onto the Gunships databanks and when the gunships landed UGI INTEL swarmed the gunships and took the data, Jekvin was never allowed to see this data. 

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