MJ-29 Combat Helmet
The MJ-29 Combat Helmet is a highy advanced UGI combat helmet used by its Intelligence Operatives as well as some Specia Forces depending on the mission. Its advanced HUD allows it to see extremly long distances and its quite well known for its muffling of the voice with a robotic voice.


Nicknamed the "Bug" this helmet hides the face and identity of the Agent/soldier who wears it and its voice distortation is to prevent the person being able to be identitifed. It has a long range sensor in the helmet that allows it to scan the area up to 10 square miles giving an agent an exact layout of the land in a 3D map for him to be able to move around. It can also pinpoint an enemy soldier up to two miles away down to the exact equipment he is wearing. 

Members who wear this helmet have stated it is comfortable to wear and is higly advantagous of the mission to remain on. Due to its advanced capabilities the UGI Military Forces for a time were planning on using it for thier soldiers but dropped the idea.


Designed for Ciphers to hide their identity. This helmet was by far the most advanced helmet they came up with by its sensors and cameras inside of it filming for the Inteligence agency as well as recording every single word and breath used, the helmet did limit its users because of all the snooping capabilities of the Cipher division it did cause some stir when a Cipher said that he can't perform knowing that he is being watched doing the things he has to do. 

Jin'huan Edit

The MJ-29 was being worn more prolifically in the UGI Intelligence than just the Ciphers by the time the Jin'huan showed up. Some thought it was interesting while others said nothing about it.

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