ME3 Incisor Sniper Rifle OR
The Rifle that would give Michael Trillion a scare. It was used to prove a point to Michael Trillion, that he didn't build the absolute greatest in weapons technology, in fact this weapon was soo deadly it was only used by Black Codex II Soldiers and the greatest claim to its fame was one simple notion, it went right through UGI shielding protocols, then went through Trillions personal shielding unit and nicked his arm on purpose all through a wall. His response was natural, but inside he was shocked someone wanted him dead.

I only wanted to give the galaxy the best, I've put people above me, so why would anyone want to kill me?

That night he was met by people that did intimidate him but what was worse they held his wife and children at gun point.

You see Michael Trillion, I'm a huge fan. But I wanted to get your attention and sorry about the arm. Men you can release his wife and children. I represent Cerberus Armories,and you were our test subject of our newest weapon and I think you loved it, how it overrided your shielidng protocols went through 4 meters of solid metal and yet still inflicted a decent gash on your arm, though we missed you on purpose it was still very lethal. I want to be level with you, friends really, but you cannot claim your weapons are the most powerful if your unwilling to kill. <Hands him a pistol and waits for Trillion to shoot him but he couldn't.> You see weapons are designed to kill, but I do want to thank you for your Ressurection Project, my friend Malren you may know him, may never tell you but he is the happiest person in the entire omniverse.

Michael Trillion was beside himself yet he didn't want to kill a person but he realized that night it was really a challenge how great can try. Yet Cerberus Conglomerates were designing projects that would put them in galactic history forever. Including a UGI Jump Gate that allowed instant travel.

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