M55 "Halestorm"
Product information

Taiidan Arms


Heavy Assault Rifle

Technical information
Ammo type

VASOF High Impact Plasma

Max. Ammo


Magazine size


Weapon Action

Fully automatic


50 meters

The preferred weapon of the Black Codex III soldiers. This weapon has the ability to punch holes into Taiidan armor and while testing it killed a Codex II soldier in a single shot; making it one of the most lethal rifles ever built by the UGI.


Different design than usual but most definitely a beautiful design to say the least and it is quite noticeable. When its seen in public the general populace knows that the wielder is a Codex III. However this rifle's high rate of fire needs only be a single shot. Its powerful enough to kill a Codex II soldier in a single shot and can punch through armored walls. Its used as a heavy assault rifle that requires a biometric scan to find markers in the blood belonging only to the Codex III soldiers making this weapon useless to anyone else.

The rifle has enough power stored in it for 400 shots and can be loaded with 100 shot magazines but if you were to punch through a blast door it requires 50 shots and it causes a hole large enough for the soldier to walk in it. Even though the codex III soldier is strong enough to run right into the door and dismantle it; the risk of damaging the armor is too great of a risk.


Designed by a student at the UGI War Academy and when it was built they used it for the Black Codex III. This weapon's beauty was only marred by its destructive capablities especially during operation Valrti in which a Codex III blasted a blast door and walked right into the room surrounded by a Regeant soldiers this single Codex III soldier killed every regeant in the room. 

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