Charles S Reed

The Face of Letric Tech the Lorem Ipsum of the Immoruti Imperium.

The  Lorem Ipsum is the leader of the Immoruti Imperium


The Lorem Ipsum is elected for life. He controls all the worlds within the Imperium as their absolute ruler. He hires underlings with them knowing full well he could fire them for any form of corruption. Mental conditioning of employees makes it next to impossible to bribe an employee and capturing one and torturing for information doesn't help either. 

Current ElectEdit

The Current Elect is the Letric Tech who sought refuge beyond the galaxy from those who wished to make him responsible for the Corporate War because he created an android duplicate to run his company while he sat frozen in ice for hundreds of years. 

He is currently married and has two kids in the standing army of the Imperium. 

He has shown signs of extreme paranoia and repeatedly gets messages about the UGI trying to exterminate his family and all who are loyal to him which has been the cause of the Imperiums uneasy ties with the UGI. However what he doesn't know is that the messgaes are not true and are not coming from the UGI but are actually being fabricated by the Cult of Zenos hoping that this will cause a war which will allow the Cult of Zenos to gain control in both the UGI, Uranian, Imperium, and UGF governments. 

Biology Edit

The Letric Tech is not from our universe he is nfact from the universe at the center of the Omniverse (reality). Current technology is uncapable of being able to recreate a doorway that will allow him to return to that universe. He can be affected by diseases and brain problems that come from his universe but is unable to be affected by any Technology created in the Omniverse. He isn't a god and specificly declares so publicly and his last 20 years as the Lorem Ipsum have shown it to be suffering from strokes as well as brain tumors. The only medical technology that can repair him is what he comes up with in his mind and brings it into the Omniverse. 

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