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Biologial information


Physical information
Average Height

6' 8"



Skin color

Purple and Blue patterned skin

Hair color
  • Black
  • Dark Blue
Eye color
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple

250- 40000 years

Physical distinctions
  • The race has only one sex, and must mate outside of their species to reproduce, they can reproduce at will their own species or that of their mates, and only if both are truly in love can they actually produce a hybrid of their themselves.
  • Tier Alpha Nomad
Known ranks
  • Females
  • Females (without hair)
Notable Facts
  • With graceful bodies that are pale green in appearance with soft skin. The species are all female and are considered shapely in appearance. While they live on their world they actively pursue relationships off-world because they can only mate outside their species. There bodies also produce a chemical which can take species that are dying off and make them fertile again. As with the Taiidans being able return to them their females being able to produce other females.
  • Like Previously with Captain Raith Hector he fell in love with one of them, and just like before that same Taiidan reported the species to not be just compatible with Taiidans but also hold the cure to their fertility disease. With the law and protection being put around them a massive public outcry occurred across the UGI when it was discovered that Raith Hector had attempted suicide following all of his great service for the Taiidans and the UGI. He survived his attempt, and healed fully, however the laws remained unchanged but public opinion of those laws was starting to really irk the majority of the UGI and even a few Taiidans.
  • UGI Citzenship
The Leshu'a are a genetically compatible species for the Taiidan Race. They also hold the cure for the female deficiency in the Taiidan population.

Genetics & History Edit

A mono-gender race and considered to be among the most beautiful at that, the Leshu'a are tall shapely humanoids who posses the many attractive features that most males of many species find attractive. Throughout their lifetimes they rarely age physically beyond their puberty age, and their bodies stay naturally muscular. Unlike most species however their 'hair' found only on their heads his actually loose but spines that droop down the sides of their head. Their pale soft purple and light blue skin is well known for exhibiting a cool touch that interacts with their mates nervous system. They can through this touch manipulate the emotions and physical responses of their mates.

Overtime this touch can become so powerful that they can almost control their mates completely. Very few not including Taiidans can resist this sense of control that they have.

Known for their ability to seduce other races it has been proven that not just the use pheromones but also the natural ability of Psychic suggestion. The Leshu'a however are not manipulative in the sense of wanting to control their mates, rather they want to please them and it should be noted that the Leshu'a love their mates with a passion that is rarely seen in other species.

One known case in their history talks about one Leshu'a who fell in love with an intergalactic wanderer, and mated with him. As the wanderer grew older and the time came for him to die, she asked him for one last mating, and some unknown chemical reaction took place where the wander suddenly de-aged and became young again. This continued for many centuries until finally the Leshu'a died, however her mate lived on till he was about 30,000 years old. It would seem that the Leshu'a have the ability in some cases to transfer their lifetime caps over to their mates through mating.

While this hasn't been experienced in modern history, it doesn't necessarily mean that it can't happen again.

One thing that stands out about the species is their notable lack for bloodcells rather having a blood plasma which handles the both air distribution and energy delivering.

Another thing noteworthy to mention is their ability like the Norians to be able to reshape their bodies at will, but able to do it to a greater extent being able to change the shape of their internal structures to be able to adapt to new conditions.

The Leshu'a have no lungs and do not breathe through their mouths, rather their skin absorbs the necessary air, however their they are able to speak as air flows up and out of their mouths or their nose when their mouth his closed.

Apparently their noses were once the intake system as they were able to once smell with them, however now smelling occurs with the air intake coming from their skin.

One thing that should always be remembered is that anyone with Leshu'a for a wife is a very lucky man, because this a wife who will never leave her husband for anything, no matter what. They do not mate for life though.

They are known for having odd mating habits though in some cases often doing things that are notably strange and have brought the question up as to whether or not they may need help in those strange sexual cravings.

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