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Biologial information


Physical information
Average Height

5ft 8in



Skin color


Hair color
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Rarely blonde
Eye color
  • Brown
  • Rarely blue

900-1700 years

Physical distinctions
  • Tan skin
  • Large eyes
  • Large attractive parts found in their women.
  • Muscle relaxer cybernetic
Known ranks
  • Male
  • Female
Notable Facts
  • Was discovered by Raith Hector who accepted that for taiidan survival he would give up his own love for the Taiidan cause.
La'Taiidan's are one of the known species who are supposedly compatible with Taiidans. Like the Tel'sothans they are able to mix blood with Taiidans and can rear offspring. The only exception to their compatibility is the noted weakness in offspring being only half as durable or as strong as the Taiidan's before them.

Genetics Edit

While typically known for their close appearance to humans they are not compatible with them. Rather they are highly compatible with Taiidans despite the offspring they would yield would only be half as durable or as strong as the Taiidan parent.

As a La'Taiidan matures in both females and males a common problem occurs where their muscles are unable to relax. While orginially this problem was solved by large variety of Massage centers in their cities and on their worlds, cybernetics were supplied by the UGI when they became citzens.

History Edit

Discovered by the Hellfire in the Corpio Galaxy cluster, on a mission of exploration, the La'Taiidan's welcomed them to their world. While the majority of the crew indulged Raith recovering from his last breakup kept out of the festivities.

As observed in observation the La'Taiidan which is generally composed of a greater female population, males are the sought after mate, and the females are generally the soldiers of the world.

Society was centered on mainly agriculture, and entertainment with the few cities producing a spice which when smoked could create a state of euphoria while other varieties could induce heightened sexual activity, or super relax the muscles, of the body.

The massage industry is the largest on the planet and is considered a necessity with the population require up to 2 hours of it everyday.

During this time Raith had supposedly grown fond of one kings daughters, but was forced to break it off when the UGI arrived to assimilate the planet into the UGI and discovered thanks to a Taiidan crew member that realized the species was compatible with Taiidans when one of them delivered him a son.

As of now they are an actively protected species, however they do serve in the UGI Navy often.

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