Koltix is a synthweave fabric that is capable of degrading from high technology to that of just cloth. But what makes this weave different is classified, due to its intense strength and its unnatural flexibility. It is classified as it is built from the Skin of Sarci Nevron. They agreed to allow a skin graft to make the weave possible and under UGI Edict 4350 Section 41 Sarci was to never breathe a word of the name of the fabric or how it was made. This was due to it being immoral, but Sarci believed in the armor so much he signed the document. He recieved the only known UGI peice of Koltix which Sarci is allowed to use for his personal usage. But not for Starfleet usage as it is his skin.

Intresting FactEdit

  • The name Koltix comes from the name of the gland inside of Sarci's skin subdermal layer. Its actual name isn't Koltix as the UGI didn't want starfleet finding out its armor is built from "cloned" skin. However the gland it is derived from is attributed to flexibility and repairs. 
  • Koltix cost 700,000 credits to manufacture but Carpathian Shipyards took the graft and replicated enough Koltix to last indefinitely.

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