Kasus Nask

"Your saying he didn't pass basic training just because an Officer wanted to see what he'd do after 14 months of grueling training on Hell?"

Kasus Nask
Biographical information





12' 9"



Cybernetic Implant(s)
  • Ocular Enhancers
  • Audio Enhancers
  • Olfactic Enhancers
  • Gustation Enhancers
  • Ultrdrenilin Storage sacs
  • Unknown hormonal Storage sacs
  • Bone enhancers???
  • Only what is allowed
Armor set
  • UGI Standard (basic Training)
  • Starfleet custom Uniform
  • UGIS Yygdrassil
Notable Facts
  • Strongest fastest, most agile and Intelligent non Taiidan on record, also the most hardy.
  • During a training on Hell he was hit at less than 10 meters at full power by a V17 Hades Artillery, and was sent flying back 10 meters into a wall. Assumed dead, much to the shock of the officers Kasus Nask rose from the rubble with only uniform damage. He was punished for not wearing his armor in training regardless.
  • As observed in Starfleet Kasus Nask's biology somehow can warp the gravity field, allowing him to plant himself be and become immovable or dramatically degrease his weight to perform incredibly powerful super-taiidan feats.
Military Information

Captain (army)

  • Chief of Weapons and Captain in Ground Assault.
Security Clearance
  • Covert
  • Starfleet Standard for Current Rank
Awards and Honors
  • none yet, and because of biology UGI doesn't trust him as Much.
"That's right, and because he's the only one known of his kind Hell was the only place we could observe what he could do."


"I am not sure if even a ten Black codex could match him in strength agility, or speed, he is highly intelligent and the only thing getting in the way of him being the perfect soldier is his overwhelming good character and morals." Evaluation of Kasus Nask.

Kasus Nask is the last member of his unknown race. Adopted and in the UGI prior to leaving the Novan Universe, Kasus Nask was failed his basic training after 14 brutal months to see what he would do, few expected he would Join the minor Star-fleet academy on Sulton III.

Here on Sulton III he became an expert in ground Assault Missions and was extremely well like by those he trained with. His teachers spoke fondly of him, praising his obedience and leadership capabilities, especially how he stuck up for the underdogs at the academy.

Kasus is well known for his slow to anger behavior. He is always calm in his speech even when he is angered. His subtly in dealing with offenders is limited strictly to verbal subtly often picking the offender to face level often more than 7ft off the ground.

He was known for defending his friends with a brutal passion, once dismembering a Klingon crew with his bare hands. Another time sending a shuttle holding down a shuttle filled with Orion's before tearing the shuttle pod open to rescue a friend who had been taken captive.

He does not often take betrayal well, unless it was out protection for someone else which he relents with.

While a Proficient marksman he prefers settling affairs with a classic melee confrontation, he prefers to get in your face and make it personal especially when you are risking the lives of men and women he is serving with.

His so called crowning moment was when he flipped a GAUR and threw it as a battering ram during the Corporate war, to break past an impenetrable neo-derexium door. This crowning moment left him as the single strongest being in the UGI.

His best friends while at the academy include Marcus Cameron (Communications), Shelly Oleson (science), Janet Shiara (Sensor and Helm) Hobbie Armstrong (Medical).

Jordan Archer Kane he thinks he sees a potential leader in, and goes out of his way to give him opportunities to prove himself.

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