Kana Calderia
Biographical information



New Taiidan


7' 5"



Cybernetic Implant(s)
  • Taiidan Implants
  • Derexium Skeleton (her ribcage and abdominal cavity is capable of sealing off when she is in dangerous situations protecting her organs).
  • Double Spinal Cords
  • Her eyes when she is focuses activate allowing her to be able to see through most objects and even through Derexium.
  • Pain dampeners (unusual dampners which literally shut her midn off to any form of pain while under torture.
  • Hyper Stim Impllants which will actually triple her strength, speed and agility.
  • Pente-Round Plasma Rifle (invented by her brother, has never failed her yet, it comes built in with a mini teleporter allowing it to reappear on her back holster if she dropped it or it was out of her reach)
Armor set

(she forgoes armour because of her derexium Skeleton, allowing much more mobility. (except during formal occasions)


(not currently posted, she's waiting for her brother to become a captain so she can be assigned to his ship)

Notable Facts
  • First Taiidan female in Recent times to have blonde hair.
  • The first Taiidan Female to have both the strength and durability and 3 times the amount of cybernetics from birth of Taiidan women.
Military Information


Military ID


Security Clearance


Awards and Honors
  • Strategic Excellence
  • Master Marksman award
Kana Calderia is an anomly like her brother Yoshirou Calderia, however she was born with nearly 3 times the amount of cybernetics that the average male Taiidan is born with. She is currently a Colonel in the UGI Marine Corps. 

Rise to ColonelEdit

Unlike her brother who struggled to attain a command much less some respect in the Military, she unlike her brother took commands, followed all the rules, and very rarely ever corrected her superiors and only when it was in private. When she did correct them she would ask if she could speak freely before she corrected them. 

She rose in the ranks extremely swiftly. On her record she excelled the best while training on Hell. At one point she slipped and her leg fell into a lava pool which burned off the flesh of her leg but the derexium hard bone did not burn nor look singed. Within a weeks tiem her leg had literaly repaired itself like the incedent had never happened. 

Her one lack of conduct however while training on hell was her consistent showing up near her brother even when he was locked up for disiplinary causes. 

Despite this she was generally acccepted, repected, and welcomed in the UGI military. 

When she was 29 years old she became a Colonel in the Marine Corps and led her own team of Marines. 

Personal LifeEdit

Kana although making a perfect obediant and efficent soldier does have a soft spot for her brother because he tries harder than her to succeed yet keeps failing in the midst of it yet never gives up. When he was younger and she was younger than him, she would listen to him for hours design battleplans and make tactical descions and record them, however his constant correcting of others led to his placing in the military, while she got to get a jumpstart in training as an officer. 

Because she is a female Taiidan despite her advantages she feels she constantly needs to priove herself, because she if female and it is often in taiidan society that females are not expected to be soldiers but treasured by their husbands. In some respects she is very indignant to the topic of marriage. 

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