Kalminite weapons are always considered weapons of final descion. If nothing else gets the job done Kalminite weapons are used. The only shields that can repell kalminite attacks are kalminite shields. 

Kalminite WeaponsEdit

There are aproxamitely 7 ways to weaponize Kalminite.

  1. Direct energy explosive
  2. Direct energy Beams
  3. Direct energy to shield 
  4. Dark Matter Warp Bomb
  5. Quadrant Killer 
  6. Transdimensional Kalminite Torpedo
  7. Kalminte Fusion Device

7* Kalminite his the the most densest highest element on the peroidic table omniversally. To intiate Fusion would cause the destruction several thousand universes with the deathtoll beyond a hundred thousand Googlplex. With whit kalminite you could destroy the entire omniverse. Thankfully no one has been able to figure out how to do this save for Rathal but he keeps that secret well hidden. 

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