Bojana vuksanovic distorted spherical

The Shock of Subspace produces a similar reaction in normal space but cannot be seen only felt as the a ship runs across it. It eventually returns to normal but creates a Rad Zone in that region of Subspace.

The Kalminite Subspace Bomb became Also known as the Intial Dampener Overloader and was considered to be a potentially devasating device. It was used over 30 times during the Corporate War and each time with devastating results. The Pity of this weapon was that it never became the one weapon that struck fear in those who used it. It was designed by Uranian Scientists but built by the UGI. Then the bombs where sent back to Uirus for adminstering the Kalminite payloads. 


The KSB's were used as subspace mine fields which are basically mines planet in subspace even when the mines are not traveling at warp velocity. This means that if a ship that isn't registered or a fleet of ships aren't registered by the devices they detonate and the explosion is notorius for even causing Derexium to fission. When deployed the locations are documented and the ships are all given a specific signal to sepaerate themselves but alert the mines that they are friendly. 

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