Kal Krika Species number 89356296761

Kal Krika Species Number 988797967524768768648683876. This number is just one of all the sub species that make up the Kal Krika

The Kal Krika are the most powerful species in the Omniverse. Their empire spans over a billion Universes. The Atrox live in fear of them as does anyone who knows about them. They are considered the most logical race in existance and have no central node or point of origin making their collective intelligence far superior to the Borg and all other insectoid races in the Universe. The First plasmoids designed them to be unable to be completely defeated they would always return and always a hundred times more powerful than before. 

They have mastered Propulsion Technology making them able to go anywhere in the Omniverse instantly. 

They have mastered White Kalminite reactors and weapons.

They seek out life that is weak and makes them strong and it crushes the strong. They are always feared and their arrival can cause an entire galaxy to go mad with fear. Their ships are at times as big as a galaxy and can be seen in the night sky anywhere in the galaxy withthe naked eye. The shadow of the vessel makes star dim and the invasion ships dwarf most stars. Their landing ship are as big as moons and their fighters can be as large as Firestorm Class vessels. 

Their only weapon they cannot get a hold of his the Trans Magna Pulse. 

They are siad to be unable to disobey a thought or order from the Universe beyond the impassible center of the omniverse. Any beings from their and in the omniverse are able to control them with utmost ease even if they don;'t know it. 



The Kal Krika have seen the Taiidans before and were impressed by the fact that the Taiidans were able to hold their own and fight with unseen fervor as the encountered numbers far more and they fought as if they were winning. After this the Kal Krika captured the last Taiidan of the battle and put him in a casing on one of their worlds stating the fearless race as they didnt fear them. The Taiidans were disgusted by the disrepect of capturing him nd vowed to detroy them. They wouldn't see the Kal Krikans for nearly 30,000 years.

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