"The Kal'Krika are more than a species, they are the Omniverse' personification of Order." ~Excerpt from an ancient recording.


The Kal'Krika have no equal save for the Big Three, who are their superiors. Numbers so numerous and technology so advanced, no species (minus the big three) could ever hope to hold their own against them. But then again only fools would attack them.

What we know Edit

The Kal'Krika are without equal. They seek to colonize, and expand, and monitor the growth of the Omniverse. All who live in it, are managed in some way by them. Neither to there ill nor to there gain do the Kal'Krika guide species, they persist only for one thing. To maintain order. Not Law, but order.

Their technology can warp and alter the laws of physics allowing them to do things that no other species can accomplish, with the exception of the Coragadun, Precursors, and Progenitors (aka Big Three).

They control over 50 billion Universes making them the largest force known and unknown. Their influence and legend though spans everywhere. They are the reason why even the young newborns of any species even taiidans fear insects. Even when you get older you still feel creeped out by them.

It is for this reason why insects are held with such high distrust, we are not sure if they may in fact be a subspecies of the Kal'Krika, and may in fact secretly inform the Kal'Krika of all things in their vicinity


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