"You love him don't you," ~ A friend of Juno's

Dr. Juno Rektr
Biographical information







135 lbs

  • Hellfire
  • Hellfire -A
Notable Facts
  • Is Psychic, and an excellent mind melder.
Military Information

Chief Medical Officer

Security Clearance


Awards and Honors
  • Outstanding Service Award
"We could never be together, its illegal." ~ Juno Raktr concerned of her feelings for Raith Hector.

Juno Raktr is a Fenridian, and served as Chief Medical Officer on the original Hellfire carrier. While serving she got close to the 2nd in command (Raith Hector) while serving, though never actually engaging in any romantic relationship. During Commander Raith Hector's recovery from the Warp core breach on-board the Hellfire where held the core together with his own body giving enough time for all the crew on-board to safely evacuated the ship, Juno was engaged to be married to the son of Erex Malren.

In another unlucky Raith Hector moment choosing the same restaurant to go to during the wedding feast taking place there, Juno attempted to get him to meet her husband but was unable to find him after she went to fetch him. Erex Malren later chuckled about how Raith had told him about his horrible unlucky streak about walking in on the wedding feast or wedding of his past two close friends who were married to other Taiidans. Finding this as a third experience and telling Juno about it, the marriage night went smoother for her, especially when she was told that she'd have to live aboard the Hellfire -A while her husband served as the Chief of Communications officer.

Personality Edit

Juno Raktr is well known for her comforting bedside manner, as well as being an excellent councilor. She enjoys hanging out with fellow crew members and is devoted to her work as well as her husband. However, she still holds a soft spot for Raith Hector, as does her husband.

Juno Raktr is well known also for her mastery of the kitchen, having minored in cooking while at one of the many academies.

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