"Erex it's time for division 11 to consider removing that bomb we put on earth."


"A non corrupt federation engineer died recently after revealing to one of our spies that the federation have discovered a weapon so powerful that should we detonate that ZR-57 we risk detonotating what he phrased as Judgement day.

Judgement day was a code name for a weapon a section of star fleet installed in earths core, should the UGI ever consider detonating a red matter device or any planet destroying weapon of destruction they would end up destroying themselves and the universe along with them.

device Edit

the device was not actually made by the federation, it was actually made by the coragadun from thousands of years ago. Star fleet was able rearm the device, which can only be activate should there be enough force to destroy the planet at minimum, the result would create an omnispace tear that would expand within 24 hours to consume the entire universe.

Result. Edit

The ugi had there device removed secretly, but when two federation VIPs were abducted including a section 31 vip neither of three were members or even aware of such a device after jordan scanned there minds. They were released, but the Ugi decided it was time to create the ugi/Taiidan shadow government, and also create a new division and clearance access levels for this branch, Jordan was named an Odin in the project but he asked instead to be a Thoth, (one clearance down from the top) he was also named the one who would analyze all coragadun artifacts and have the right to confiscate them from anyone and not be held accountable, nor those who worked in the project.

He he would later allow erex some knowledge by giving a minor clearance (demigod) code to him, so he can pull strings to make his authority legit.

Hence ce forth though when business was being done on the project he was referred to as rathal as that is what one artifact addressed him as.

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