"Give me back my son, NOW!" Admiral Archer Kane.

"I don't have your son." Erex Malren.

"You wanna disagree with my sensors?" (Pulling up a screen.) "If I remember correctly, we're the ones with omnisensors."

(Intake of breathe) "Apparently, one of my crew has disobeyed a direct order, you'll have your son back." Erex Malren.

"And Erex, I'm not holding this against you or your character, if you can prove a crewman went against your orders." Admiral Archer.

"Malren,Out" Quick nod and wink out.

Jordan Archer Kane was kidnapped by one of the Taiidan Senior officers who had in fact detected a Psionic signature on-board the Firestorm, in attempt to discover if that person could be a threat a detailed analysis was run to try to figure out Psionic Bridge level. Before the crew members execution, he was able to tell Erex Malren (who had a slight fondness for Jordan) that Jordan was a Bridge 11. A bridge number that had only been hypothetical.

The Psionic Bridge Scale Edit

The Psionic Bridge scale was created by Dr. Marcus Bridge a galactic renown scientist of the UGI almost 800 years ago. Create for identifying species and beings that posses Pisonic Capabilities.

The scale is a 1-10 type examine what could be expected of Psionic capable species.

  1. Bridge 1: Standard , Vulcans on this list
  2. Bridge 2:
  3. Bridge 3:
  4. Bridge 4:
  5. Bridge 5: Psychot
  6. Bridge 6:
  7. Bridge 7:
  8. Bridge 8:
  9. Bridge 9: Nigrash
  10. Bridge 10: (Rathuras Rathal)
  11. Bridge 11: (Hypothetical though questioned as to whether any being could be that powerful) Jordan Archer Kane.

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