Despite the fact that most of the universe goes by the UGI Societal Tier System, The Jin'Huan are well past the actual list in their technological achievement, as well as societial achievement. To better understand the Jin'Huan and their society we will take a look into the Varying Societial Tiers of the Jin'Huan. 

Tier OmegaEdit

To date only one civilization has ever held the ranking of Tier Omega, and that is the Jin'Huan.

Requirments include: Edit

  • The completion of TransGateway Network connecting every colony and system in your sphere of influence. 
  • Substantial Knowledge of the Origin energy source and the capability to access it. (none save them have accomplished this) 
  • Understanding the Three kinds of Science. 
  • Uses the applied knowledge of Hin'juk Mediciene. 
  • Is either in the process or has completed the colinaztion of all systems in their sphere of influence. 
  • Has mastered Terraforming and has either built or is building the Terraform Gateway Network. 
  • (Top Secret) Has discovered and applied knowledge of Infinite weapons to creating Assured Destruction outcomes. (Taiidans nor any society beneath this one are even capable of understanding a fraction of the science of these infinite weapons) 
  • Understands the Value of life and peace, and uses the their military more often for show and entertainment rather than for war, and security. 
  • Has elminated crime to a mere 12 crimes committed per 10,000 years spanning the entire empire. 
  • Has reduced the amount of Captial punishment excutions down to less than 1 every 50,000 years. 
  • Has discovered what lies beyond the omniverse's barrier at its core and has seen the truth. 

Tier Epsilon Edit

Tier Epsilon is the least common of the majority of Society ratings given due to Realiily high technology requirments and societal change. 

The Following are most represented in this Tier: The Reapers, The Coragadun, The Kal'Krika, The Progenitors, 

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