""The Word subtly is rarely found in the Technological Achievements of the Jin'Huan. ~A ten year "hostage" Taiidan Commander. *"hostage in the Taiidan View only, Jin'huan reasoning is that they were long term guests.*"


Jin'Huan Gateway a.k.a. The Galactic Link
Jin'Huan Gateway
Technical information
Station Type

Superior Jumpgate


Leech Shields absorb all harmful forms of energy. (rarely on because of the energy draw from the central portal)

  • Although not required the gateway can convert its central gateway into a massive super energy discharge capable even at 90 million kilometers of vaporizing entire vessels.

Infinite energy supply


An intergalactic highway entrance to the Jump Realm. Used to to provide pinpoint security for the Jin'Huan Galaxy at all times, by eliminating from highway any unregistered vehical or transportation of weapons, drugs illegal, cargo or even slaves, or delivering it to inspection centers. Think of the Universe's largest most powerful and detailed Teleporter, and then imagine thousands of the these gateways.


The Jin'Huan

The Massive and nigh invincible gateways that generate 24-7 an entrance in the the Jump Realm. By the use of these they can eliminate any hostile ships, cargos, or weapons fire, into energy or transfer it to another location, for inspection or disposal. When the Taiidans wanted to get the Species attention thinking them inferior like all species they meet, the Jin'Huan responded with sending the Taiidans own weapons back at their own ships to which they had no defense against. Thus nearly destroying 9000 ships and leaving only 10 so crippled that the Jin'huan in their pity of them brought them into their galaxy for healing and then made them stay for ten years on a very low tech world to deceive the Taiidans of there true capabilities. This secret was kept those ten years and it wasn't until 41st century when negoations as equals took place between the Taiidans and the Jin'Huan despite the Jin'Huan's vast Technlogical and Militarily Superiority. 

The Gateway SpecificationsEdit

  • Diameter: 130km
  • Width: 20km
  • Crew: None
  • Weapons: Only what you trhow at them or should they turn the gate into a weapon well as a Taiidan put it best, "..." He was left shell shocked by the result, took three years by normal Taiidan medicine to even get him to speak much less think again. 
  • Defenses: Whatever the station is made of it adapts and adjust to whatevers thrown at it before it even comes on contact with the station. More often than not as was seen with a field test with a thousand ZR-57's used in an attempt to destroy the station well the busters were pulled into the portal and detonated. The result create massive blackholes which were unbelievable consumed and destroyed by the gateway. Leaving the entire Taiidan navy operation in a state of unbelievable shock. 
  • Powersource: Unknown, by all research in the taiidans and the plasmoid the technology the Jin'Huan use to power these gates is indistinguishable from magic do their extreme advanceness. Even the Kal'Krika can't figure out it either. 
  • Diameter notes: It is suggested that the gate that the Taiidans discovered is just a sub minor gate not even part of the main corridors suggesting that the main gates could be much larger. 

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