Sci Fi Soldier

Standard Coalition Ground Forces

The Jekvin Coalition is a combination of over 200 species all fighting against AulTech Industries. Nobody who goes into the Coalition ever comes out an ordinary soldier. The Jekvin Coalition Doesn't boast the largest army nor the most well trained in the galaxy but by no means should anybody ever underestimate the unity, the technology, or even the indiviuals who fight in the Jekvin Coalition. 

Basic TrainingEdit

All who join the Jekvin Coalition are given a brief basic training. While the training is limited, the training gives all new comeres a chance to be able to surive the next battle. If they survive their first battle they can take an advanced training secession which can be used to provide traning with different weapons and send soldiers to areas that they would be better suited for.

Hero's Edit


Coalition Ground Force Commandos

If during a new recruits first battle he or she show extrordinary gifts and leadership capability they can be given  commando training which is given during a real battle. During the battle a recruit must learn to be a Pilot, be able to handle the most heavy of weapons and be able to pick up get into even the toughest of compounds. 

Regarding NightshiftersEdit

Any solider who can reconize when a situtation is hopeless and the only option of retreat is the safest option is a soldier who will live long and survive many battles. Any soldier in the Jekvin Coalition whether insane or sane can understand that when a nightshifter is deployed nobody argues against a full retreat. 

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