Jason Natch
Biographical information





6' 4"



Cybernetic Implant(s)
  • Titanium Left/right Femur
  • Amberaki Rifle (stolen)
Armor set
  • Slue Polymer Jumpsuit (Fabricated from exotic fibers, as tough as derexium yet as light as silk, and as soft as flannel.) (replaces Starfleet uniform, as does with his crew)

USS Zantorum

Notable Facts
  • Rescuing what crew still remained alive, following the Amberaki enslavement, and taking charge of the remaining crew, rebuilding their ship and salvaging whatever they could to reach home.
  • Known for previously being a joker and not well respected.
  • Having earned the respect of those around him, to the point that he no longer is consider a superior but a father to the crew.
Military Information
  • commander (but is considered captain of the ship)
Security Clearance

Level 9 (on his ship though what information he couldn't access cause of levels he assessed by override.)

Awards and Honors
  • If time ever allows it the list would make him among the most decorated ever.

"Don't use sir, or his last name, Address him as Jase and you'll fit in on board like everyone else, he has no tolerance for formalities." Saqiv, Vulcan Science Officer, Zantorum.

Jason Natch served aboard the USS Zantorum as Commander, but inevitably and unofficially became its acting captain. His leadership and heroism following Amberaki enslavement of his crew and their escape. His leadership kept the crew together despite tremendous hardship and loss of crew as they crossed incalculable distances to arrive back in the galaxy only to find it at war, and without returning to earth but fighting to until the war was won. For he and his crew after 20 years they would finally be able to come home for good.


"I remember that night, some areas were fuzzy others more detailed, I made many regrets in those days but my worst were the ones i made that day. I was in my quarters dressing following a little bedtime playtime with a female member of the crew, god i was reckless, irresponsible, and worse i took advantage of every person i could. I don't know what hurts worse, my irresponsible behavior or my two femurs, i lost those by the end of the day to those damn Amberaki. I recalled the words my captain told me on my arrival to the bridge, "Disgraceful, arrogant, do you have any concept of time?"

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